Welcome to Phoenix Mu Online !
Welcome to Phoenix Mu Online!
Welcome to Phoenix Mu Online!
Welcome to Phoenix Mu Online!


3 points / level !
Posted on July 17, 2020 | 15:18

500 str ene agi vit cmd for new characters

10,000,000 starting zen (10 milion)

Level-Up-Points 3 for all characters

/reset command in-game !

No more reset stats !

enjoy more power  !

By Xixses (Administrator)
Server Information
Posted on April 26, 2020 | 00:04

 +Version: Season 6

 +exp: 100x solo, 120x party

 +MaxLevel: 400

 +MaxStats: 65535

 +Points / Level: 3

 +Jewel Succes Rate: 80%

 +Webshop: YES!

 +CashShop: working !

 +Vote for credits: YES !

 +wcoin from events: YES !

 +Resets: YES !

 +exp items: YES, works in party also.

 +Join our Discord Server !


We have 2 auto-party bots,
1 in lacleon (lacleon)
and 1 in kanturu relics (krelics)
Always use /re auto for auto party with bots,
they are made to be for 4 players, not 1 !

We are giving free lvl1 wings
(cape for dl/rf)
for new players with 5 sockets
of extra 42 defense
(210 extra defense).
and an unrepairable +15 set with zen.
email xixses@gmail.com or contact in-game

Share Phoenix Mu Online on
Social Media for 24+hours
and get 100 credits !
email xixses@gmail.com for proof with image and or link
include your account-name in the email

be creative and make the best social media post
for future players

Some people have issues opening Phoenix Mu Online
to solve this issue please follow the instructions bellow:
Right Click My Computer-> Advanced Settings
Performance options-> Data execution Prevention->
check DEP for all rograms & services except those i select.
Click add, select main.exe, apply and done !

if issues persist, please download and install
utilities from our downloads section

use /attack or example /attack 237 (gigantic storm is 237) for auto attack
skil codes can be found here (click here)
use /offattack while /attack is active and close the game after.
using /offattack leaves the character online and attacks
For Jewel of Excelentt pick
add custom pick "Excelentt" in helper menu

By Xixses (Administrator)
Server: Online
Server Cs: Online
Accounts: 255
Characters: 351
Guilds: 15
Total Online: 9

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